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Mindfulness Counselling & Coaching Services 
For Adults, Youth & Professionals 

I help people move beyond talking about issues and coping strategies to helping them slow down, get curious and develop greater self-awareness, compassion and insight into their challenges and strengths. I offer a variety of approaches tailored to the nature of the clients presenting issue, their personality and the goals they are hoping to achieve from working with me. I am passionate about helping my clients to heal the past, transform their future and be more present in their lives and work.

I Offer the Following Counselling, Coaching and Mindfulness Services

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Meet Marion Miller

Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Professional Coach & MBSR Mindfulness Teacher.


I have more than 15 years experience in private practice supporting clients to be well and create purposeful and fulfilling lives. I also work in organisational and educational wellbeing and leadership. I'm a licensed counsellor with PACFA, have ICF accredited coach training and a certified MBSR/MBCT Mindfulness teacher. 

My approach is holistic, mindfulness centred and creative; working dynamically with the mind, body, heart & the wider context of our lives & the earth. I believe people are their own best healers are intrinsically resourceful and have an authentic core self. My specialities are mindfulness and wellbeing, career counselling, relationships, self-leadership and life coaching.

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Tess Milne

I came to Marion to help understand and see if I could improve a work environment that was quite stressful. Marion gave me the tools to deal with conflict in the workplace and to manage my stress, through assertiveness and various types of meditation. This gave me more confidence to tackle tricky situations and to be more self assertive.

Joel Whiteoak

Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic. I am very grateful to have worked with Marion during challenging period professionally and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to transform their life happier and healthier.

Mary Russo

Overwhelmed in my thoughts, I became lighter as we moved through the practise of mindfulness.  I am a much less stressful and fearful person. Her explanation of how we function during times of stress, enabled me to better understand myself during these times, which assisted in overcoming these emotional events and brought with it much calmness and peace of mind. 

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