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Creative Coaching Melbourne
Creative Coaching to empower and help you unlock your creative potential with Marion Miller. 

Reclaiming the Creative Self & Discovering your Inner Artist.

You feel a calling to be more creative in your life and work and unsure how to take the first step. You want to develop a creative project or career but feel held back in someway? You love being creative but struggle with self-doubt, fear, worrying what others think and creative blocks?  


Modern life is fast paced, demanding and challenging and being creative takes courage and making time and space for creativity to be realised. We also provide strategies, practical tools and professional support to develop your creative practice and achieve your creative goals


We believe that creativity resides within each and every one of us, waiting to be rediscovered, nurtured and shared. In our Creativity Coaching Melbourne program with Marion Miller we provide a holistic approach designed to help empower your creativity and help you develop your gifts and talent.

The Benefits of Creative Coaching

• Reclaiming Your Creativity & Creative Spark

• Transform Creative Blocks & Find Your Flow

• Manage Fears & Self-Doubt

• Practice Mindfulness & Self Compassion

• Creative Healing, Art & EcoTherapy

• Make Art, Write a Book or Film

• Launch a Course or Start a Podcast

• Creative Business, Projects & Career Paths

• Creative Vision, Strategy & Goals

• Daily Habits, Wellbeing & Organisation

• Innovation & Creative Problem Solving


Marion Miller's Creativity Coaching Services

Whether you're an artist, writer, performer, designer, film maker, coach or entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to infuse more creativity into your life, Our Empower Coaching Program is designed for creatives just like you. Creativity Coaching Melbourne with Marion offers a range of approaches tailored to your unique needs:

  • Individual Coaching: Experience personalised support and guidance on your creative journey through one-on-one coaching or holistic counselling sessions. Marion will work closely with you to explore your strengths, talents, and goals, and develop strategies for overcoming blocks and barriers to creative healing and being creative.

  • Strengths Assessment: Discover your unique strengths and talents through our strengths assessment process, which provides valuable insights into your natural abilities and potential for creative expression and self leadership.

  • Goal Setting: Clarify your creative aspirations and set meaningful goals that align with your values and vision for the future. Our coaches will help you break down your goals into manageable steps and create a clear action plan for achieving them.

  • Structure and Accountability: Stay focused and motivated with structured coaching sessions and ongoing accountability support. Marion will help you establish routines, rituals, and practices to support your creative process and keep you moving toward your goals. We can also provide professional coaching support with careerbusiness and leadership.

About Marion Miller

Creativity Coaching Melbourne is led by an experienced Professional Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Ecotherapist Marion Miller who is passionate about wellbeing, creativity and leadership. As well as being an artist, she has made a successful career helping others unlock their creative potential and have more fulfilling careers and lives. With a deep understanding of facilitating change through coaching and her own creative practice Marion draws from a multi-dimensional approach to providing holistic support to clients on their creative journey.


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