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Group Coaching Cafe
Group Coaching Community

Group Coaching Cafe 

Embrace continuous development in a diverse community of lifelong learners in our Group Coaching Cafe, your hub for coaching with the transformative combination of

mindfulness and coaching.

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Join the Group Coaching Cafe

Bring your coffee or green tea and join us in the Mindful Group Coaching Cafe, we're like a supportive community on a shared journey of mindful living and leadership. We support one another by regularly holding space for each other as we explore how to create a life-sustaining lifestyle and purposeful leadership in our working life. Our foundation lies in the wisdom of contemplative mindfulness practices and coaching principles that empowers individuals and communities to be resilient in the face of life's challenges and to reach their highest potential.

Discover the Group Coaching Cafe Experience:

• Mindful Coaching Workshops: Dive into the world of mindfulness through our immersive workshops led by experienced Mindfulness teacher and coach Marion. Learn practical skills to navigate stress, enhance focus, and foster a deep sense of wellbeing and leadership in your professional life.

• Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for mindful living and leadership. Our community is a space to exchange insights, provide support, and encourage one another to reach our potential.

• Coaching for Life-Sustaining Growth: Experience the power of coaching designed to help you uncover your true potential. Our certified coaches guides you on a transformative journey, offering tools to navigate life's challenges and align with your authentic self.

• Mindful Practices for Daily Life: Integrate mindfulness into your daily routine with our curated practices. From guided meditations to mindful movement sessions, we provide resources to help you create a sustainable, mindful lifestyle.

Why Choose to be part of the mindful group coaching cafe?

• Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our certified MBSR instructors and life coach Marion Miller and other special guest coaches, dedicated to supporting your journey toward living your best life. 

• Community Support: Join a diverse and welcoming community that understands the power of connection in fostering mindfulness and personal growth.

• Flexible Learning: Participate in workshops online, tailoring your experience to fit seamlessly into your busy life.

• Holistic Wellbeing: Embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing, integrating mindfulness into all aspects of your life for sustained positive transformation.


Join Us on the Path to mindful life and leadership

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and mindful living? Join the Mindful Group Coaching Cafe today and become part of a vibrant community committed to mindful living and leadership.

Take the first step toward a more mindful and purposeful life. Let's grow together.

Email Marion To Find Out More About Group Coaching Cafe


Connect with Marion to find out more & take the first step to becoming part of an authentic and welcoming group.

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