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Life Coaching Melbourne
with Marion Miller

I'm Marion Miller & Life Coaching with me is all about helping you live a vibrant, balanced & more meaningful life - whether that means enhancing your personal wellbeing, strengthening your relationships or discovering a creative vision & direction in life, study or work. 

As your Life Coach I'll help you develop sustaining life skills to reduce stress, feel more energised & connected in relationships. Build your confidence, build on your strengths & support you to take value-based action in the areas of life you've been wanting to change.

I have 15 years experience empowering brilliant women & men create a life & career they love. Choose from or combine coaching, mindfulness & counselling approaches for a holistic approach to wellbeing & thriving. Schedule your free introductory call or fill in our intake form & book online. 

What are your Life Coaching Goals?

  • Speak up More, Grow Confidence & Self-Belief

  • Listen to your Heart, Identify Strengths & Values

  • Care for your Wellbeing, Work/Life Balance & Energy

  • Be more Creative & Playful 

  • Feel more Connected to People & Nature

  • Finding Love, Intimacy & Long Term Relationships

  • Student Wellbeing, Performance & Career Direction

  • Find your Tribe & Create Compassionate Connections

  • Understanding Emotions & Motivation Energy

  • Financial Wellbeing & Wealth Creation

  • Mindfulness, Self-compassion & Wellness

  • Clarify Your Life Vision & Direction

  • Lifestyle Change or Life Stage Transitions

  • Develop Healthy Relationship Boundaries & Navigate Conflict

  • Develop Present & Nurturing Parenting Skills

  • Women's Empowerment & Personal Agency

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Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching is for people looking for a personal & professional approach to learning & development that is holistic & gets results. If you're looking for a partner to support you & cheer you on, to accelerate your growth & help you achieve goals in life, work or studies - this approach is right for you. I've worked with professionals, leaders, students and people in the community thinking about returning to work or changing careers.

Previously I have helped clients with the following issues:

• Feeling a lack of Confidence & Self-doubt

• Stress, Anxiety, Exhaustion & Burnout

• Want to rediscover their Creativity

• Difficulties with Personal or Professional Relationships 

• Feeling a lack of Direction & Purpose in Life

• Wanting more Self-Understanding & Awareness

• Wanting to Change Careers but Unclear how

• Wanting Support through Life Transitions

• Problems in Families including Marriage or Parenting

What is included in our Life Coaching Program?

I offer 4, 8 or 12-week pricing plans or single sessions, a simple to use online booking system. Sessions go for 60 minutes, the Empower Program comes with an 8 chapter workbook, an app, and follow up emails with video and article resources to help you with your goals. Clients are invited to make a time for an introductory (free) call as an icebreaker and to find out if we are fit for coaching.

Contact Marion to book an introductory call today!

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Marion Miller

Founder | Leadership & Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).

My approach combines three practices of coaching, mindfulness & counselling. My strengths are in providing perspective, creative, compassionate & wise counsel in my relationships with clients.  I work dynamically with the whole person seeking to align & integrate the mind, body, heart & spirit. I believe everyone has an authentic potential to discover & develop.


I am trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Counselling & Psychotherapy & Professional Coaching. I have had a private practice for over 15 years &  have worked extensively with organisations. I merge the latest evidence-based approaches, coaching psychology, western psychodynamic, creative arts therapies & ancient wisdom traditions to help you heal, grow and transform your personal & professional life. You can read more about me here.

Taryn Peck,
CEO The Joyful Edit

"I thought you might like to know that you have made a huge impact on my future direction.  After our sessions, and the reason that sharing and creating joy is my why, supported by a love or travel and food, I have created The Joyful Edit. The idea was initially to improve my writing skills, but it’s morphed into something all of its own. Super happy and excited about the direction ahead! Thank you so much - you really have made a huge difference in my life."

Michelle Derobaix ,
Nurse Educator & Coach

"Marion really made me aware of what my passion really was and encouraged me to go for that. I have finally started making money in my business which is a first and this gave me confidence to keep going. She also kept focusing on the things I had achieved which I kept forgetting even though it wasn't obvious to me. Working with Marion and the leads she gave me spurred me on to look beyond what I was focusing on. She was a great support and in the short time I was being coached by her I look back and see I achieved a lot more than I thought. Thank you Marion:)"

Saviano Roselen,
Horse Trainer & Bee Keeper

"Marion is a very skilled person who had the ability of understanding and support me through a12 week journey. Marion has helped me to visualise with more clarity my life path, my strengths and my goals. Marion is also a mindfulness coach and she has introduced me to the meditation practice which is now became part of my daily routine. I highly recommend Marion to all those people who want to boost the quality of life."

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