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Life Coaching Melbourne –
Transform Your Life with Marion Miller

Are you seeking more presence, purpose, and fulfilment in your life or work but unsure how to take the next step? Discover new growth in your career, overcome self-doubt, and create your own path with professional support and guidance.

Embrace Your Full Potential​ with Expert Life Coaching

Feeling a bit stuck in your career or personal life? Want to silence the voice of self-doubt and have the courage to face your fears? Tired of striving in different directions without a clear sense of growth? Marion Miller, a highly experienced Life Coach in Melbourne, is  here to help you find clarity, overcome barriers, be your authentic self and take meaningful action towards your goals.

Meet Marion Miller – Your Melbourne Life Coach

Marion Miller is a dynamic Professional Coach, Counsellor, and MBSR Mindfulness Teacher based in Melbourne, with over two decades of experience. She holds a bachelor qualification in ICF accredited coaching and PACFA licensed counselling, and has MBSR Mindfulness, and Ecotherapy certification.


Marion is also an artist, author, and a senior consultant in a large organisation. Her passion for wellbeing, creativity, and high-performance leadership drives her work with professionals, students, and the community.

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Marion Miller

Our Life Coaching Services

  • Get Unstuck and Find Direction: Clarify your values, passions, purpose, strengths, direction and goals.

  • Build Confidence and Courage: Overcome self-doubt, face your fears and develop fortitude and resilience.

  • Strengthen Relationships and Connection: Improve communication, build positive interaction and develop intimacy. 

  • Career & Leadership: Create work-life balance, change your career, and develop an adaptive and authentic leadership.

  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing: Reduce stress, be more embodied, embrace balance, be open, curious and compassionate.

  • Creativity Coaching: Reclaim your spark, overcome creative blocks and think and be more imaginative and creative.

  • Holistic Counselling: Recovery from burn out, emotional and trauma processing, boundaries, sense making and meaning.

What to Expect in our 1:1 Life Coaching Empower 6-Week Program

  1. Experience Our 6-Week Empower Coaching Program

  2. Initial Call: Start with a free Welcome to Coaching Kit and introductory call to discuss your challenges and goals.

  3. Tailored Coaching Plans: Receive a personalized program to suit your unique needs and objectives.

  4. Flexible Options: Choose from face-to-face sessions in Glen Iris, online sessions, or a hybrid approach.

  5. Comprehensive Support: Enjoy 6 x 60-minute one-on-one sessions, access to digital resources, and optional online mindfulness classes.

  6. Accountability and Transformation: Marion ensures you stay accountable and experience personal growth, heightened connection, and fulfilment.

Why Choose Life Coaching with Marion Miller?

Marion Miller is a trusted name in Melbourne's life coaching community, renowned for her dedication to mindfulness, creativity, and leadership. She has worked with esteemed business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives, providing evidence-based coaching supported by extensive experience and qualifications.

"Marion really made me aware of what my passion really was and encouraged me to go for that."
"I have finally started making money in my business which is a first and this gave me confidence to keep going.She also kept focusing on the things I had achieved which I kept forgetting even though it wasn't obvious to me. Working with Marion and the leads she gave me spurred me on to look beyond what I was focusing on." - Michelle Derobaix - Educator 
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Get in Touch with Marion Miller

For more information or to schedule your free introductory call, Contact Marion Miller.

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Ready to take the next step towards a more fulfilling life? Contact Marion Miller now to book your free introductory call and start your Empower Coaching Program Today!

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