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Nature Therapy Melbourne
Nature Therapy Melbourne

Online Mindfulness Class

Wellbeing, Community & Nature Connection 


Join Marion on Monday mornings for an online Nature-Based Mindfulness

 Meditation Class. Sign in from where ever you can, indoors or outdoors to experience connection and awaken to the natural world, find inner calm and to relax the mind body and heart.

Date & Time:

Term 1: 4th March - 25th March. 10am-10.45am.


Zoom Online from

your place.


$20 Per Session

$70 Package of 4

Why join the Online Mindfulness Meditation Class?


Our Nature-Based Mindfulness class offers you a chance to connect with a regular practice in support of slowing down, nurturing peace of mind and growing stronger balance and harmony with the ecology of life. Together we will co-create an attuned space where you can connect deeply with your wellbeing, the natural world and community support. 

The Nature-Based Mindfulness Class is a unique and authentic way to be in nature (either outside or inside). We encourage you to find a place you can join outdoors digitally to develop a receptive, open quality of awareness that allows a rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world. If this is not available, try indoors by a window with natural light or house plant.

Mindfulness can help you connect to all of your senses and the sensory environment as a support for being present. From that intimate connection, you can develop insight, clarity and a greater felt experience of your place in the web of life. Join our regular class during the school term to wake up to the preciousness of this moment and the beauty of the earth we all share. 

The Benefits of our Nature-Based Mindfulness Class Include:

• Cultivating a natural mindful presence

• Access to expansive and open awareness

• Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

• Increased clarity and concentration

• Experience more awe, wonder and joy

• Greater insight, creativity and connection

About Marion Miller

Marion is a dynamic Melbourne based Professional Coach, Counsellor,  MBSR Mindfulness Teacher & Ecotherapist in the beautiful Glen Iris, Melbourne, Australia with over two decades of training and experience.


She holds a degree in ICF coaching, PACFA licensed counselling, MBSR Mindfulness and Ecotherapy certification. She provides individual coaching and group work in person, online and in large organisations.

Marion is a creative, systems thinker with a mindfulness and socially aware approach. ​She works with professionals, organisations and communities who want to make a positive impact. 

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Marion Miller
How Does it Work?

Our community connects every Monday during the school term, unless it's a public holiday. We encourage you to take your phone or computer outside to a regular sit spot to connect in nature. However it is not mandatory that you be outside for the class and joining us inside if the weather, lifestyle or health does not permit you to go outside at this time or maybe you just feel like being snuggled up in your home which is perfectly fine too. You can purchase single sessions or take advantage of a discounted package for the term and attend every week to help you develop a regular mindfulness practice. Sessions are $20 each or purchase a package of 4 for $70 and get extra access to our online Mindfulness for Life course to help support your practice. The first session is free using the code MINDFUL INTRO. Join our community on Mondays!

Email Marion To Find Out More


Connect with Marion for complimentary call to find out more about the online mindfulness class ask any questions & take the first step.

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