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Career Coaching & Counselling Melbourne.

Discover a fulfilling, healthy and successful career path with Career Coach and Counsellor Marion Miller. Be supported to navigate workplace challenge, get clear on your career direction and build the courage to make pivotal changes. 

Align your career with your values, strengths and purpose, gain confidence, professional skills and insights to expand your capability and professional contribution. Explore passion projects, creative careers, leadership and more. 

Empowering Career Coaching and Counselling in Melbourne

Do you want to make career changes but don’t know where to start? Marion Miller understands the challenges that come with navigating the complex world of careers. She is an experienced career counsellor and coach in Melbourne and here to guide you towards a fulfilling and successful future.

Career Counselling

Our career counselling specialise in aligning your skills, values, passion, and strengths to your career path. Through personalised sessions, we help you gain valuable insights and tools to help you navigate challenge and change in your career. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or someone looking to change industries, our career counselling and EAP and career coaching services are designed to support you make informed decisions about your career.

Career Coaching

Our career coaching offers strategies to help you achieve your professional goals. From resume writing and interview preparation to skill development, business start up and passion projects. We can provide assessments to help you understand your vocational strength and find your true calling. Discover networking techniques, personal branding, leadership and career performance and productivity. Our coaching sessions are aimed at enhancing your confidence and competitiveness in the job market.


Professional Development

Continuous learning and the development of you capabilities are essential in today’s rapidly changing job market. Our professional development covers a multi-dimensional approach and tools including change management, leadership skills, communication techniques, emotional intelligence, influence, innovation, inclusion, teamwork and collaboration.

Stay ahead in your career by investing in your personal and professional growth and work life alignment with our specialised career coaching and counselling sessions with Marion Miller.

The Benefits of Career Coaching & Counselling:

Advance or Change Career 

• Optimise your CV, LinkedIn and Interview skills

• Navigate Workplace Issues

• Values and Strengths Based Careers

• Career Exploration and Purpose

• Burn Out Recovery and Work Life Balance

• Career Growth and Emerging Leadership 

• Goal Setting and Career Vision

• Public speaking and Presenting

• Career Transitions

• Side Hustle and Passion Projects

• Team Work and Collaboration

• Effective People Management Skills

Why Choose Us?
  • Experienced Coach: Our certified career counsellor and coach Marion Miller brings years of industry expertise in both small business, corporate organisation and education. She shares insights to guide you effectively.

  • Personalised Approach: We understand that every individual is unique. That’s why we tailor our counselling and coaching sessions to meet your specific needs and goals with a holistic approach.

  • Proven Results: We take pride in our track record of helping individuals secure rewarding careers and achieve their professional ambitions.

  • Confidentiality: Your privacy is our priority. All your discussions and personal information are kept confidential and secure.

Get Started on Your Career Journey Today

Don’t let uncertainty or indecision hold you back. Take the first step towards a brighter future by partnering with Marion Miller in our 6-Week Empower Your Path Program or single sessions. Schedule a free introductory consultation today and let us help you unlock your potential and move toward a more fulfilling career.

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"Marion really made me aware of what my passion really was and encouraged me to go for that."
"I have finally started making money in my business which is a first and this gave me confidence to keep going.She also kept focusing on the things I had achieved which I kept forgetting even though it wasn't obvious to me. Working with Marion and the leads she gave me spurred me on to look beyond what I was focusing on." 
Michelle Derobaix - Educator & Coach
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