Mindfulness Coaching 


Mindfulness Coaching is a self-discovery process that is provided with individual sessions or in group programs, retreats & workshops. It's helpful for people seeking to feel more balance, insight & connection in their lives.


Mindfulness based coaching can enhance wellbeing & cognitive flexibility, help you identify emotional triggers & regulate your nervous system. Discover insights into the unique nature of your ego & breakthrough barriers to self-aware growth. Experience expanding compassion & connection in your relationship with yourself, others & life as a whole. 

Clients report mindfulness coaching helps them slow down, reduce stress & anxiety & help increase their creativity, resourcefulness & sense of freedom. Mindfulness coaching can help you tap into leadership potential, overcome fear, build trust & widen your window of awareness. 

My approach to mindfulness coaching is more than learning meditation - I've had a lifelong mindfulness practice & extensive University level training in Mindfulness-Based Counselling & Coaching & the gold standard MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training pathway developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

My sessions are informed by science & ancient wisdom traditions & taught from embodied experience. To find out more about 1:1 mindfulness coaching in Melbourne or online, I invite you to schedule an introductory call or contact me to find out more. Otherwise explore online program or join us on the 2021 mindfulness eco-retreat.

What are Your Intentions for Learning Mindfulness?

Here's some of the common reasons people seek to do mindfulness coaching & counselling.

  • Discovering mind body connection

  • Build confidence & unshakable self-belief

  • Cultivating a calm, clear & focussed mind

  • Developing regular meditation & movement 

  • Developing interpersonal connections & intimacy

  • Navigate difficult relationships & conflict 

  • Processing trauma, working with emotional difficulties 

  • Uncovering subconscious blind spots

  • Growth mindset & stretching comfort zones

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression & rumination

  • Spirituality, ancestry & belonging

  • Balance, motivation energy & awareness

  • High performance, presence & leadership

  • Developing safety & trust in relationships & teams

  • Experience more happiness, freedom & joy

  • Creativity, courage & sustainability

  • Wellness Habits, routines & rituals

  • Cultivating compassion, equanimity & wisdom

What approaches do I use in Mindfulness Coaching?

Exploring the interconnection of the body mind; mindfulness coaching & holistic counselling draws from my training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) & studies in Buddhist psychology. Informed also by training in mindfulness neuroscience, attachment theory, eco-therapy, psychodynamic theories, mindful self-compassion (MSC), trauma informed mindfulness based counselling, polyvagal theory & Mindful movement (Yoga & Dance). Sessions explore your inner experience in mindfulness practice, role playing, inquiry, creative journalling, movement & through the lens of compassion, equanimity & your natural wisdom. 

I am confident using both top-down (cognitive-behavioural) and bottom-up (body-centred) integrative approaches. 

Who is Mindfulness Coaching for?

The mindfulness coaching sessions are for people who are seeking a mindfulness-centred approach to personal healing & development. It's a non-directive, empathic, compassionate & gentle approach to inner work. Perhaps you've tried many other approaches & looking for a supportive relationship & sustaining life pathway to help you grow, heal & transform your life.

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Marion Miller

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Founder | Leadership & Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR).

My approach combines three practices of coaching, mindfulness & counselling. I work dynamically with the whole person and their present experience. I am confident and experienced guiding self-healing journeys to supporting growth in high functioning leadership. I believe everyone has an authentic pathway & natural wisdom to align with.


I am a professionally certified coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation and have university level training in coaching, mindfulness and counselling. I have had a private practice for over 15 years and continued with my own learning and development, deepening my own process during that time. I use the latest evidence-based approaches backed by neuroscience combined with ancient wisdom traditions to help you heal, grow and transform. You can read more about me here.

Kind Words from Clients

Tess Milne | Interior Designer

"I came to Marion to do the 8 week Mindfulness course to help understand and see if I could improve a work environment that was quite stressful. Marion gave me the tools to deal with conflict in the workplace and to manage my stress, through assertiveness and various types of meditation. This was also assisted via her honest feedback on the work scenarios’ that I discussed in the sessions.

The course gave me more confidence to tackle tricky situations and to be more self assertive.

It also helped me become aware of the things that really matter in my life.I definitely would recommend this program to anyone that would like assistance through a challenging time."

Wendy Fayad | Restaurant Owner | Counsellor | Student 

"When I first approached Marion I felt extremely helpless career-wise and lost in terms of the direction my life was heading. Marion helped me practice mindfulness; increased my self-awareness and boosted my resilience. After only 8 sessions with Marion, I developed a sense of confidence that enabled me to apply myself to all situations, which has encouraged me to enrol in the degree I always wanted to do. Thank you so much Marion for all your support. You care for your clients truly and faithfully and I am so honoured to have had someone so wise and compassionate as my personal coach."-

Caitlin | Uni Student

"Marion is a warm, welcoming and empathetic professional and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on specific areas of concern in my life. After completing the 8-week mindful based coaching I am now less stressed and feel my life is more well-rounded and balanced. I have gained valuable tools and skills to assist me in working through future challenges in all areas of my life. I found that regular sessions, working through the program and the meditation practice incorporated into the program, gave me clarity about my needs and desires, and assisted me in maintaining boundaries to stay true to my authentic self."

Richard Harrison | CTO | Bueno

"Marion is an incredibly talented and insightful coach who helped me become a more resilient, balanced and mindful person. During our sessions, I learned how to meditate effectively and developed strategies to help cope with life’s ups and downs - both are now an essential part of my everyday existence. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to reset their work/life balance, learn mindfulness and improve their leadership skills."

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