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Mindfulness For Life

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Mindfulness For Life digital self-study course includes theory, content, videos, questionnaires, systematic guided meditations and links to resources. Ideal as a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness or for those who want a refresher. Based on the MBSR evidence-based framework you can do the 6-week digital program on it's own or enrol in the The Empower Your Path Program to enrich your experience. Module 1: Pathways to Being Present Discover the mindfulness attitudes and how they relates to your wellbeing and more broadly being present for your whole experience of life in these 6 sections. Module 2: Mind Body Connection Minds change bodies, and bodies change minds. Learn about the connection between thoughts and emotions in these 6 sections. Module 3: Practising Mindfulness and Paying Attention Learn about auto-pilot and reactions, choice and responding with self compassion. Be aware of what you pay attention to in these 6 sections. Module 4: Understanding your Stress Response  Learn about approaching vs avoidance and resistance, working with your stress response and finding balance in these 6 sections. Module 5: Wholehearted Connections Learn how to cultivate compassion for self and expand it outwards to other relationships in these 6 sections. Module 6: Bringing Mindfulness to Life Find your balance in everyday life habits, strive less and develop a sustained wellbeing practice in these 6 sections.


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