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Art & Creative Pratice

Since I was a very young child, I have had a passion for creative expression. If wasn't painting and drawing, I was writing stories and poetry or dancing and acting out a theatrical performance for an audience. My children who grew up around creativity, are following in the artists way. I come from a family of creatives, on my mother's side, grandmother and great grandmother handed down the lost art of needle craft and folk traditions of our Germanic ancestors. I still remember my paternal grandmothers' hands and her aquamarine ring as she painted and made beautiful art when I was young girl. I inherited her name and her easel, a treasure I use to make art.

I've been mentored by some wonderful people who have deep connections in the art world. Creativity helped me to find form and expression when words escaped or seem to limit the beauty of what is imagined. Through symbols, mark making and imagery we can connect to the unseen world that flows through everything. Creativity is like weaving together a spiritual practice, a therapeutic medicine and a joyful innocence all in one. I have found my creative practice healing and have worked with some amazing artists and healers.

Creative arts and writing help the imagination spring into life and using the hands as an expression nourishes the soul. The deepest parts of the body mind soul know it is our birthright to be creative and add to the beauty of the world in the same way the flower blooms. When we pay attention to our creative impulse, we can find that each of us has a unique way of bringing creativity through us and into the world. I believe we are all artists.


Our work is to let go of the self-doubt and critical mind so that our natural presence can become inspired and with our hearts mind and hands we can give this inspiration form. Through working with me one on one or in my group work I am always looking at new ways to bring more creativity to the process. If you're a creative looking for support, I would love to hear from you and explore how I can help you make your art.

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