Mindful Relationships

Relationships make the world go round and can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives and is often a focus of career, executive and life coaching sessions.

Our closest relationships can teach us so much about ourselves and how we relate to others. Our personal and professional relationships give us unlimited possibility and opportunity for emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.

Mindfulness coaching is a partnership to help you build your self awareness and how you relate and it begins with your relationship with self and expands the awareness outwards to what we call interpersonal mindfulness.

Some helpful tips for mindful relationship practice are;

1. Try pausing when you notice strong reactions within and just observe. (Unless your safety is threatened.)

2. If you pause you can listen to how your body feels and ask what do I need right now and begin to attend to it.

3. Respond to other with ownership for how you feel and making sure your response is aligned with what you truly want and value. 

4. Give the other person the space to be authentic without attaching your desires onto them to fulfil. Observe how do they respond to you.

5. Accept the nature of your relationship but have a growth mindset.

6. You might ask; is it helping you both be whole? Does it nourish you and challenge you equally?

7. Remember you can’t control how the other person acts, feels or thinks. You can only show up authentically.

8. Can you connect with and appreciate the other and allow them to be themselves? These are big questions to unpack in contemplation and through your daily interactions.

9. Approaching relationships with kindness, compassion, equanimity and wisdom can surely help you navigate all your relationships.

If you're having difficulties in a relationship try getting some support. Sometimes friends might struggle to help you because they have an agenda and can't be objective. The coaching partnership can be supportive and objective and help you develop skills and perspective for growing your relationships in both personal and professional life.  Bringing your whole selves to work and home life means showing up authentically, practising humility, and remembering that we’re all vulnerable, imperfect human beings doing the best we can. 


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