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The Life Coaching Guide to Creating a Purposeful Life Pathway

In order to accomplish anything in life you need to first have a plan and this where Life Coaching tools can make a big difference. The task of creating a life or career that is intentional may seem daunting at first but with some specialised Life Coaching tools you can start to get clear on your unique steps and access what the experts use to help their clients achieve their goals. Making them purposeful simply means connecting your goals, behaviour and action steps to your values and forging a pathway that is meaningful to you and those you share your life with.

I've applied many of these life coaching tools in my own life and highly recommend taking the time to do the, reflection, contemplation and planning work before making any big life changes. For example a few years back I decided to move house from Hawthorn to Camberwell in Melbourne but before that I got clear on what changes I wanted to make to my whole lifestyle and why I was seeking them. After the move things really changed partly due to the confidence I felt having achieved my move and also to the positive new environment my family found them self in. I refer to this change moment in time as a threshold; major turning point that created a cadence for many other life changes that fall into alignment.

Making life changes will seem less daunting if you do the ground work and can help you gain momentum when things begin to move. Some times changes can also bring up anxiety and feelings of overwhelm so having a plan can also help you feel grounded and stay on course. There are also detours to be mindful of and we all do them sometimes. We find ourselves reactive to someone else's ideas of what would be good for us and off we go. If you find this happens to you, you're not alone. I to have found myself taking little detours too; even after 15 years working as a successful life coach! Not that I regret such moves (everything's a learning experience) when I put myself back on my authentic pathway I can feel the purpose in my bones. The truth is if you have done the inner work and have a plan you can always come back to it at anytime and if you keep on choosing that purpose and path and taking the action you will reach your goal.

Let's get started on your life coaching plan.

Step 1: is to ask yourself some important questions. Life coaching is all about asking the right questions and digging a little deeper than the surface to discover what really motivates you and is your true north star. What is it you'd most like to change about yourself or your life? Using a journal write down a small list of things you'd like to work on. If you're struggling with this think about where you'd like to be and what you might need to get there. Some examples might be feeling more calm and confident (less anxious and wound up), maybe you'd like a more conscious leadership path or to start your own social enterprise business. Maybe it's about being a better partner or parent or creating happier relationships with your colleagues and friends. Everyone has their own desires and goals so just keep it small and meaningful.

Step 2: the next important questions is all about your why. Why do you want to make these changes? How will you feel when you have successfully made these changes? You can even try to imagine what your life might be like if you didn't make these changes - even that could be a powerful motivator. Most people make changes in their life and work seeking more joy, happiness, connection and fulfilment. You can think about it in the way it's more about reducing stress, reactivity and increasing peace and contentment. Once you have clarity around the changes you want to make and why you want to make them you can get started.

Step 3: the next step is about commitment. I think this step is where a lot of people struggle with the self discipline or persistence of continuing on the path when there are so many distractions and it is easy to be reactive. Whenever there is change there are almost always lots of emotions and it is easy to get overwhelmed and settle back into what is comfortable and familiar. Learning to do stuff regardless of how you feel on the day can help you get the kind of momentum you need for big change. A great life coaching tool I often recommend to my clients is from the book Atomic Habits and involves planning out your days so that you're not relaying on your mood to determine whether or not you do something. When everything is already in place and there is some kind of commitment regardless of how you feel you will be more likely to do it. A bit like taking a shower which you do regardless of how you feel. It's also really helpful to stay connected to you why when you need to boost your energy and motivation.


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