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Employee Assistance Programs


EAP Services, Counselling & Preventative Mental Health & Wellbeing with Marion Miller. 

EAP Services & Counselling for Workplace Professionals. Creating Cultures Wellbeing At Work.

Our EAP service provides employees with confidential and practical support to help employees navigate work-related issues, personal-life and health-related issues. Our services include manager assistance and leadership coaching for managers and people leaders experiencing issues with employees. We offer psychosocial assessment, short term counselling and coaching interventions, medical referrals for long term issues, psycho education, workshops and preventative wellbeing and psychosocial safety programs for workplaces.


Work-related Issues we can assist with:

Work-related issues can include work-life balance and stress, conflict and interpersonal dynamics at work, career change or progression, approaching difficult conversations, people management issues, managing staff wellbeing issues, challenging team dynamics, creating positive culture and organisational change management. 

Personal and Health-related Issues we can assist with:

Personal-related issues we can assist with include relationships, grief and loss, significant life change, parenting and family issues and carer responsibility. Health issues we can assist with are stress, depression and anxiety, disordered eating and addiction and chronic health conditions. We can provide medical referrals for long term health issues.

Practical and Confidential Support Available 

Our EAP counselling and coaching is about providing you with practical, easy-to-implement techniques that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Our easy to use online booking system, makes your EAP sessions booking convenient and accessible either online or in our Glen iris Studio. Our sessions are strictly confidential with no identifiable reports released to the employer only high level trends and gaps your employer can address.

What We Offer

1. One-on-One Counselling & EAP Sessions

Experience the benefits of our confidential EAP Service. Our one-on-one counselling and coaching sessions provide a dedicated space for you to explore and overcome challenges, set goals, and cultivate wellbeing in your daily life.

2. Group Programs, Workshops and Retreats

Get your workplace involved in our immersive wellbeing and leadership workshops and programs. Create a positive workplace culture of connection and together journey toward wellbeing, share experiences, and learn from each other in an inclusive environment dedicated to preventative mental health, psychosocial safety and wellbeing.

3. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Resources

Access a wealth of holistic wellbeing, leadership and mindfulness resources in our coaching hub, including guided meditations, articles, coursework and tools to support your ongoing practice. We're committed to providing you with the resources you need to foster wellbeing and positive leadership in the workplace.

The Benefits of Our EAP to the Workplace

The benefits of our EAP service to the employer include the following:

• Improving human resource issues like retention, absenteeism and presenteeism with employees across the organsiation. Helping employees manage their issues so they can improve their engagement at work, feel more connected to their colleagues and make a meaningful contribution to the business. 

• Reducing psychosocial risk, managing issues proactively, developing positive leadership skills and career resilience, improving the culture and systems of the organisation.

Client Testimonials
When I first approached Marion I felt extremely helpless career-wise and lost in terms of the direction my life was heading. Marion helped me practice mindfulness; increased my self-awareness and boosted my resilience. I developed a sense of confidence that enabled me to apply myself to all situations. Thank you so much Marion for all your support. You care for your clients truly and faithfully and I am so honoured to have had someone so wise and compassionate as my personal coach. ​
Mindful Life Coaching & Counselling Testimonial Wendy Fayad - Business Owner

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Take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling work life. Explore our EAP counselling and coaching options, read testimonials from individuals who've transformed their workplaces and lives, and begin your journey today.

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