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Mindfulness in Leadership Development Series Melbourne


Mindfulness coaching programs for teamwork, wellbeing culture & mindful leadership. Learn leadership skills for self-awareness, emotional intelligence, peak performance and growth mindset. 

Mindfulness in Leadership Development Workshop Series in Melbourne, Australia or Online.


Discover our transformative 4-part Mindfulness Coaching series with Marion Miller, a specialised leadership and wellbeing coach based in Melbourne, Australia. Develop the skills to strengthen your connection to self and others, navigate complexity and lead through uncertainty with focus, clarity, creativity and compassion.

How Our Mindfulness in Leadership Development Can Help You:

  • Be more mindfully present and attentive to things such as problem solving. Learn how to intentionally focus your attention such as a breath, body or performance, notice when it wanders off and direct it back.

  • Experience greater clarity instead of what you expect and see clearly your own reactions, conditioning, bias and filters.

  • Create more spaciousness in the constant fast pace, pressured busyness of leadership. Slow things down and make room for creativity to naturally emerge. See beyond reactive solutions to more innovative responses.

  • Develop the capacity for compassion, recognising our common humanity and ability to recognise the complex difficulties that impact us all. Discover ways to inspire connection, community and cooperation in your team and workplace.


Why Choose Mindfulness in Leadership Coaching With Marion Miller?

Marion is an experienced Mindfulness Teacher, Leadership and Wellbeing Coach in Melbourne, recognised for her passion for mindfulness, wellbeing science and holistic approaches. Marion brings a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to Mindfulness Coaching she's trained hundreds of leadership professionals in mindfulness and having trained in the international gold standard mindfulness training MBSR/MBCT.

What We Offer:

1. Four Part Mindfulness in Leadership Development Workshop Series

Experience our four workshops as stand alone or as a series of workshops online or in Melbourne, Australia. Small groups of 20 recommended for interactive workshops and for larger groups more presentation style facilitation.

2. One on One and Tailored Mindfulness 

In addition to our Mindfulness in Leadership Development Workshop Series we also offer one on one mindfulness coaching for professionals, leaders and executives. We can also tailor our one on one and group offerings to suit your organisational needs.

3. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Resources

Access a wealth of mindfulness resources in our coaching hub, including guided meditations, articles, coursework and tools to support your ongoing wellbeing and mindful leadership. We're committed to providing you with the resources you need to foster mindfulness and nurture your wellbeing at home or in the workplace.


What Clients Are Saying

"Marion is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic mindfulness coach."
She has been extremely helpful in assessing my strengths and passion to build a vision for my professional and personal life. I have gained valuable tools and coaching from Marion to be more present and to listen respectfully. She has certainly increased my self-awareness during challenging situations. Marion is an inspiration for me and my partner to meditate every day to transform our life more calmer and happier.
Adai Alagu - Enterprise Architect

Ready to find out more?

Connect with Marion today, let her know what you're looking for.

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