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The Courage to Shape your Career with Leadership Coaching

We live in uncertain times where change is happening faster than ever before and work/life roles and responsibilities are being redefined. Everything is being transformed including in some cases the system itself and that's a welcome change with most women. It might seem like a massive mess were all in but here in lies an opportunity for women to contribute in reshaping our new working world.

In Career and Leadership Coaching, working with women who have the courage to seek both a fulfilling work and home life is an absolute privilege and challenge for me. As a mother of four and someone who has gradually grown my career, while studying a university degree and raising four teenagers I know it's not easy. Never before have we faced so many complications but at least now the attention is turning toward the system and what needs to change to make it more equitable.

But never before has a woman had so much to offer the workplace landscape in Australia, where traditionally men have dominated and women dabbled. For women a successful career is about the whole-self and creating a balance that is both meaningful and authentic. In a world that is literally yearning for some kind of compassionate and ethical leadership I believe this is where we can step up and craft a new human story of working together.

Having confidence and being courageous in the workplace may not be as easy as we'd like. There can be a culture of motivation through fear you come up against and it's often how we discern between fear that serves you and fear that holds you back that makes the difference. If you've decided you want to play big you will need to hone your instinct on this and work on leading change. One wouldn't be blamed for choosing to work outside existing system but if you're going in you want to be sure of yourself and what you stand for.

Beginning by identifying what you want out of your work (and life) is a good place to start. Don't forget to aim high, it's always better to surpass your own expectations and allow space for unknown potential. Maybe it's a promotion, or about giving back, being able to use writing, acting, creative or negotiating skills, controlling when you work, sharing beauty, starting your own business, following a dream, working with a team, analysing, listening to your heart, problem solving, caring for the vulnerable or being out on a filed trip and improving the natural environment. Think about what you need to do to feel a deep sense of purpose by focussing inwardly on values, strengths and natural talents.

What do you want your work experience to be like? For example I want a job that is both challenging and rewarding, local and offering variety of relationships. I recently got a permanent part time counselling role in the CBD that will allow me to continue to see clients in private practice. Goals are really important for taking stock of your work life and developing a career you can grow the direction you choose. Once you have your career experience goal, in career and leadership coaching we can then begin to break it down into action steps and strategies.

How can you navigate your goals in a way that helps you be balanced and have sustained energy? Self-awareness is the key; it's knowing your mind states, emotional life, physical body and environment and being able to actively recover and restore when needed. Mindfulness Coaching and healthy doses of Self-compassion really help with tracking this.

Creating change takes time so begin today and look at all the ways you can enact the change on a daily basis so each time you intentionally step toward your goal you create movement both inwardly in your mindset and outwardly through your behaviours. It's hard work and challenging yes but this is where the reward also lives; often two sides of the same coin. Change is sometime slow and subtle so don't give up, it's often persistence that is the difference between landing on failure or success.

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