A Courageous Career

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

We live in uncertain times where change is happening faster than ever before and work/life roles and responsibilities are being redefined. Everything is being disrupted including in some cases the corporate structure itself. It might seem like a massive mess but here in lies an opportunity for women to contribute more and reinvent the wheel.

Coaching career women who have the courage to seek both a fulfilling work and home life is an absolute privilege and challenge. But never before has a woman had so much to offer the business landscape in Australia, where traditionally men have dominated and women dabbled. For women a successful career is about the whole-self and creating a balance that is both influential and authentic. In a world that is literally yearning for some kind of moral or ethical leadership we believe this is where we can step up and craft a new story.

Having confidence and being courageous in the workplace may not be as easy as we'd like. There can be a culture of motivation through fear you come up against and it's often how we discern between fear that serves us and fear that holds us back that makes the difference.

Beginning by identifying what you want out of your work (and life) is a good place to start. Don't forget to aim high, it's always better to surpass your own expectations and allow space for unknown potential. Think about what you need to do to feel a deep sense of purpose by focussing inwardly on values, strengths and unique talents. What do you want your work experience to be like? For example I want a job that is both challenging and rewarding. Goals are really important for taking stock of your work life and developing a career you can grow. Once you have your career experience goal, in coaching we can then begin to break it down into action steps and strategies. How can you navigate your goals in a way that helps you be balanced and have sustained energy? Self-awareness is the key; it's knowing your mind states, emotional life, physical body and environment and being able to actively develop your own resiliency. Mindfulness and Self-compassion really help with this as all my clients will gladly report!

Creating change takes time so begin today and look at all the ways you can enact the change on a daily basis so each time you intentionally step toward your goal you create movement both inwardly and outwardly. It's hard work and challenging yes but this is where the reward also lives; often two sides of the same coin. You can truly find out what you're capable of and more, unlocking new potential and inspiring the pathway for other women.

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