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Is 2022 the Year to Reconnect with your Mindfulness Practice?

Mindfulness is like a tapestry each time you pick up the thread and weave another stitch there's an already existing canvas that continues to expand. I say this because you may have let your mindfulness practice slide a bit and have been thinking about reconnecting with it. For those who like extended practice the past couple of years have made retreats and community sits difficult to attend. Like most things there more you do the practice and connect with others who do the better you will become and the more natural it will be. But you can take a conscious breath, inhale and exhale and begin again at anytime. Today's article offers some simple ways to start the process of reconnection with mindfulness include some of these following tips to polish your mindfulness skills:

Daily Habit

Think about the time of day you will practice and to begin with try and do it at that time. No need to fixate on a time and then miss it and get so disappointed you give up but use it as a aim and be flexible. You may like to slot it in when you do other mental health and wellbeing strategies like exercise, after a good meal, reading or gratitude journalling.

Do a Workshop

Doing a formal mindfulness workshop is a great day to reset your practice and make a commitment to refreshing your skills. I'm offering a 90 minute workshop series to help people reconnect with their practice over the term or you may be a beginner learning for the first time. Learning some evidence based mindfulness skills will help you set yourself up with a helpful wellbeing practice.

Set your Space

Set up a welcoming space to do your practice. Use props that can help you feel comfortable and like this practice is valued and meaningful. I have a subtly soft salt rock light, cushions including Zafu and Zabuton, an indoor plant and some bells. I keep my journal close by to jot down later any insights, creative bubbles or concerns. Check out EMP in Malvern for props, cushions and accessories.

Practice in Community

Traditionally mindfulness is practiced in what is called a Sanga - that is a community. Practicing together in a community helps you see that the human condition is universal and everyone suffers and has struggles but can also find peace and ease in the practice or be challenge by it. Sitting with others help you stay longer in the sitting practice.

Cultivate Beginners Mind

No matter how experienced you are in meditation practice a good way to reconnect to your practice is to keep it simple and go back to basics. Aim for consistency and having a helpful practice. Sometimes you can tend to get attached to on one way of practicing but mixing it up can also be helpful. Remember sometimes we need to bring fresh eyes to each new inhale and be open to the freshness of the moment. Read Zen Mind, Beginners Mind for more on this subject.


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