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Mindfulness in the workplace

#Workplace stress can be disruptive to #productivity and #performance. Mindfulness can bring awareness to these patterns in behaviour, stop the cycle of stress from perpetuating and condition the mind and body with skills that boost wellbeing and performance from the inside out.

Employees can benefit from #mindfulness #meditation #coaching by learning to better understand their own patterns of mind/body and learn skills that can help them regulate emotions better, even during high pressured situations.

Workplace Mindfulness can also deepen employees connection to one another and help them foster better relationships with their customers or students. Mindfulness has a way of filtering into all the workplace systems and culture when embraced within an organisation. SAP is a great example of this with their mindfulness program being offered to thousands of staff internationally and waiting lists to join! 

Workplace Mindfulness Coaching involves learning a series of longer mindfulness meditations and shorter cues for anchoring mindfulness. It also involves inquiry, gentle yoga exercises and some scientific understanding of your body, brain, emotions and field of experience. In our Workplace Mindfulness program you each get a 6 Chapter workbook and downloadable MP3.

5 Tips for getting started with Workplace Mindfulness:

  1. Anchor your day with a morning meditation practice (e.g., Body Scan, Sound, Breath and Sensations, Loving Kindness.)

  2. Before entering the workplace, remind yourself of your organization’s purpose and recommit to your vocation as a mindful leader.

  3. Throughout the day, pause to be fully present in the moment before undertaking the next critical task.

  4. Review the day’s events at the close of the day to prevent work stresses from spilling into your home life and when finished move on.

  5. Before going to bed, engage in some reading on wellbeing.

  6. Ask us for a ‘Convince The Boss’ letter to try and get a Workplace Mindfulness program started at your work.

There are several large companies now offering Mindfulness Meditation Training as part of their professional development, some of these include Google, Apple, Deutsche Bank and General Mills.

There is also a wide body of scientific research on the benefits of mindfulness. Just Google MBSR and Mindfulness Based Integrations.

We offer workplace coaching in workshops, 4-8 week programs and weekly sessions ongoing for those keen to collaborate long term. Contact for more information.

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