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What is Career Coaching and How can it Help?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

One of the most challenging things about hiring a career coach is answering the question, will it be worth it? This dilemma can often hold people back from investing the time and money into getting professional help. I like to think of it as taking care of your best asset - YOURSELF. You wouldn't ask your sister or friend to teach you a language, you would find someone who is professionally trained and passionate about teaching languages and had lots of experience and success doing it. Another question you might want to answer is, do you need a Career Coach? Career Coaching services at The Coach Hub involve a process of defining your goals, understanding your setbacks, breaking through barriers and taking intentional action to achieve your goals.

Areas we focus on in career coaching can include:

• Exploring new work opportunities and making a career change

• Finding a purpose, passion and meaning in your career pathway

• CV, Interview & Linked in preparation & strategy

• Uncovering limiting beliefs or patterns that are holding you back

• Managing and developing your personal brand or rebranding yourself

• Developing your professional strengths, values, skills and talents

• Developing a clear career vision, plan and action goals

• Managing work/life balance and energy so you don't burn out

• Reframing negative career setbacks and developing resiliency

• Developing skills to create your own business, side hustle or passion project

How does career coaching work?

Having an objective partner to reflect upon your professional history, strengths, weakness and goals can help you clarify the best path forward. They empower you to achieve your goals with more confidence, energy and insight. Sometimes it's just a small shift of thinking that can make all the difference but sometimes you might want support to make a significant change. For example during lockdown you might be focussed on how hard the workplace environment is because it's remote but at the same time there are new areas emerging in digital technology you might not have explored. A career coach is not a therapist or expert advisor on what career pathway you should take; they are trained to help you figure it out for yourself. The relationship is based on maximising your potential and helping you see the options you have available as well as seeing what might be holding you back and helping you through the change process with a growth mindset. Your Career Coach assumes you're resourceful and willing to take the action needed while she keeps you accountable and focussed. Your career coach will encourage you to be your best self and help you see any weakness in order to help expand your awareness objectively. Your career coach has experience in helping clients realise untapped opportunities, new ways to network, can develop your skills for confidence, creativity and trusting communication both in person and digital platforms.

My style and approach to career coaching

My name is Marion and I am a big believer in bringing your whole self to work and I've been doing just that for over 15 years. I've walked away from several career pathways, unsatisfied and on a mission to find my purpose driven path. My clients will have heard me talk about authentic leadership and finding their unique purpose too. We spend so much time at work that I can't imagine doing something that is not meaningful and connected to my core values - often it's only money and risk that is holding us back from our true potential. When so often work takes us away from family and loved ones, it should be something special and we can think of our work like it's meaningful. I also think there is so much in the world that can be changed and instead of complaining about what we don't like, why not get busy making a positive difference? I like to help clients think differently about crafting their career pathway and help them to discover a career that fits with their life stage, lifestyle and inspires them to continue to grow. I also think it is so important to be valued for what you contribute and choosing workplaces that reflect your worth and value you as a whole human being and not just your performance or potential profit margin. If you've had a negative workplace experience like bullying, job loss or burn out you might want help rebuilding that sense of professional confidence and energy, understand your personal boundaries and build resiliency. I have mindfulness, counselling and coaching training to help the coaching process be holistic, neuroscience informed and compassionate. In career coaching sessions we often explore role playing, engage in reflective conversation, use creative activities to develop career empowerment, leadership and growth fostering relationships and make strategic plans to take action on the insights with a focus on reaching goals. But don't just take my word for it, read what my clients have said on our testimonials. Our packages come in 4 or 8-weeks, are supported by a workbook and I often combine personal and professional coaching so our clients can feel whole life balance and growth. I love empowering women in leadership to have meaningful careers, develop a sustained approach to their growth and to help the world be more equitable.

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Marion Miller | Professional Coach, Counsellor & Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR)

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