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Your True North: Directions on Crafting a Purposeful Life

In a world where life often feels like a series of events, finding purpose might seem like an abstract concept. However, for many, the pursuit of purpose becomes a powerful driving force leading them to pursue coaching. The essence lies in empowering individuals to derive their own meaning from life experiences, embracing the creativity and responsibility this approach entails.

Life, after all, is not just about the destination but the transformative process that shapes our character, introduces us to inspiring individuals, and allows us to contribute something uniquely ours to the world and leave behind a legacy that hopefully makes the world a better place. Our origin and initial circumstances are beyond our control, yet once we become conscious of our thoughts, feelings, culture, and environment, we gain the ability to shape our own meaning. It’s a harmonious dance with the universe, where becoming conscious aligns us with the life force, making us feel truly in sync with everything around us. This heightened awareness leads to self-actualisation, transforming life into a playful adventure where we acknowledge our power to co-create our own path and enjoy doing so.

At the core of this journey is understanding our core values. These guiding principles, shaped by family, culture, religion, and social systems, define our moral compass and measure experiences against what we perceive as right or wrong. They infuse life with worth, allowing us to apply moral judgment and providing a standard of behaviour for growth.

Mindfully embracing our core values empowers us to navigate life’s pathways, ensuring our decisions align with our authentic selves. Values permeate every aspect of our lives, from career choices to family, business, social interactions, and community engagements. When we deviate from our core values, we risk losing sight of ourselves, often leading to troubles.

Interestingly, we often discern the value of something when juxtaposed against its opposite, a paradox inherent in the human experience. Our values can be learned from role models or as a response to negative experiences, reflecting our recovery and growth journey.

In Holistic Life Coaching, I guide individuals in crafting purpose by understanding their core values. When decisions and behaviors align with these values, fulfillment follows in experiences and relationships. This intentional living creates meaning and value, connecting us with people and organisations sharing our values.

Even in moments of reaction, pausing to anchor ourselves in our values provides presence, resilience and guidance. This deep-rooted connection facilitates the challenging work of change and transformation, serving as a beacon in tough times.

Here are some professional life coaching tips to help you find your path to purpose:

  • Identify and align all areas of life with your personal and professional values.

  • Transform pain into motivation for positive change in the world.

  • Discover purpose through passions and things you love doing.

  • Emulate those who inspire you.

  • Embrace a growth mindset and continuous learning.

  • Engage in social and environmental causes you care about.

  • Prioritise self-reflection and self-care.

  • Explore and engage your strengths and talents.

  • Challenge yourself while indulging in rewarding experiences.

  • Express your inner self through writing, movement, symbolism, and art.

  • Create a vision board and a vision statement.

  • Cultivate pro-social emotions like gratitude, compassion, acceptance, empathy and altruism, fostering connections with others.

Your true north lies in understanding your origins, your essence, your beliefs, and your values. Values fuel motivation, integrity, and the courage to stand firm. Those with great potential might even embark on a project to change the world, a testament to the power of values. Knowing your vision and direction nurtures, supports, and facilitates your growth. With a values centred approach, life transforms into a meaningful adventure, a fulfilling experience, and what I call "living on purpose."


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