Your True North: Living Life On Purpose

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

A purposeful life may seem like an abstract idea to some but it’s a big driver behind why many people come to life coaching. I’ve always been a big believer in crafting meaning from life experiences and enjoy the creativity and responsibility such an approach provides me. We can’t control where and when we are born into this world but once we become conscious of our thoughts, feelings and environment and how we relate to our lives we can see how we can also make our own meaning from it all. When we do we begin to feel more empowered and self actualised and life becomes a playful adventure and something we truly can appreciate the preciousness of.

Part of the work life coaches do with meaning making is helping clients know their core values and in many ways human values are the guiding principles that we measure experiences up against to know the difference between what we determine is right or wrong. Values are the beliefs we hold about the world and can come from family, culture, religion, leaders and our social systems. Values don’t exist only on an individual level, although we experience them individually, values are determined by the systems we live within. Values gives life it's worth, help us apply judgment on what we believe is important in life and provide us a standard of behaviour that can help us grow.

When we are mindful of our core values all our behaviours and decisions can be measured, giving us greater trust and discernment on how to navigate the pathway choosing what’s really aligned with who we are. Our values exist in every part of life from our career, to family, in our business, social lives and community. It’s often when we don’t listen to our core values that we run into troubles because these other experiences are not as meaningful to us and can be a cause of harm. But the interesting thing is we can only truly know the value of something when we experience the thing that is in contrast to it and that I believe is one of the paradoxes of the human experience. Often we learn our values from those we look up to and it takes time, reflection and self awareness to know if we share the same values.

In Life Coaching I facilitate the inner work of crafting purpose by helping you understand your core values and these values form the basis of why you might do what you do. When your decisions and behaviours arise from your core values you will have greater opportunity to feel fulfilled from the experiences and relationships that unfold. This is what I refer to as mindful living. You’re intentionally living in a way that it is meaningful and valuable to you and when you do this more often than not you’re connected to people and organisations that are also aligned with your values. Your true north exist in a combination of knowing where you have come from, what works best for you, who you are and what you believe in. Knowing all this and having a vision you can also know where you're heading will nourish, support and grow you and you can proceed like you're valued. From this space life will be a meaningful adventure and fulfilling experience and what I call "living on purpose".

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