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Authentic Leadership

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

This weeks blog is inspired by a body of coaching work I’ve been involved in with a client for more than 6 months now, our relationship continues to provide us both insights on the valuable characteristic of authentic leadership. Through observations as a coach and from my own life experience and willingness to face challenges and accept growth I’m aware that being authentic is a leadership state of embodying present moment creative potential.

The modern #workplace is less and less about controlling management and hierarchies, with a more informal approach leaders need to be able to inspire employees to work for reasons beyond a pay check.

#Authentic #leadership is a performance skill, it requires the person to have reflected deeply on what is of intrinsic value in their own lives and that of the organisation or people they serve. There needs to be congruency for this to occur and the person to have a solid understanding of their past experiences and what they have learned.

Authentic leaders are willing to admit and learn from mistakes, ask others for help and have enough courage to lead through difficult situations by practicing self compassion and accepting they are not perfect. This can be one of the biggest challenges for leaders because they are also motivated by high standards and excellence.

There is a sense of social responsibility and #emotional intelligence required for leaders to be able to connect authentically with others. The ability to connect authentically is a developmental process that requires mindful skills to self-monitor emotional reactions, a nuanced awareness of how they are perceived and an ability to respond behaviourally from a place of context.

Lastly authentic leadership is a presence that allows you show up for the greater good of your workplace and beyond, lead through challenges with clarity and a context that drives positive growth.

Authentic leadership is a meaningful, creative process and a commitment to serve a purpose much larger than your self.


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