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Building Your Self-Awareness With Life Coaching & Counselling

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

You've probably heard the term self-awareness in life coaching, counselling and mindfulness circles but what is it and how does make a difference in your life & work pathway?

Self-awareness involves both an internal and external understanding. The internal understanding of ones own values, passions, aspirations, the context of our lives including environment and relationships and reactions (thoughts, emotions, behaviours, strengths and weakness). The external understanding is about how others perceive us in relation to all the things listed above.

Building self-awareness is one of the most effective ways of delivering excellent Leadership and Life Coaching outcomes and navigating the Counselling process too. Self-awareness is the one of the key enhancements from mindfulness practice and the long term benefit that stems from self-awareness is expansive. Psychologists, life coaches, leadership and executive coaches all use mindfulness to build self-awareness because it can help with so many aspects of change, development and growth.

Some of the key benefits of developing your self-awareness in leadership and life coaching include:

• finding more ease with making important decisions

• brainstorming solutions to complex problems

• mapping and planning the path ahead

• finding your sense of purpose

• building trusting relationships

• feeling more whole

People who focus on building self-awareness with a Life Coach or Counsellor are rewarded with great insight, understanding and self-knowledge. With practice you can build on self-awareness and therefore navigate life with increasing levels of mental health and wellbeing that can lead to flourishing as an individual and leader in the community or your organisation.


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