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Finding Purpose in Life & Why it Matters

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

One of the challenges of our lifetime is finding our own meaning for being alive. When we have a sense of purpose it acts as an internal compass through the difficulties and inspires us intrinsically. Not having a purpose can lead to depression and at worst an existential crisis. But sometimes it is necessary for things to fall apart so better things can together like finding your purpose and so often we hear that from these adversities we find the meaning of our lives.

In the past religion offered many people a reason and purpose for living but if you're not part of religion then it's up to you to search for your own purpose. In modern life we have all kinds of ways to do this from vision quests to psychotherapy but a structured approach in Leadership or Life Coaching can help you navigate the answers to the question of finding purpose. Purpose is not some supernatural thing rather it is a tool for living a happier and healthier life. In indigenous communities there is the lovely belief that we are born with a unique purpose and our life experience is to discover what that is through our family, community, culture, ancestors and relationship with nature.

People who have a sense of purpose tend to live longer, have stronger hearts, sleep better and are at less risk of disease according a western psychology research on wellbeing. Purpose and meaning in life is not a quick fix kind of status and is something that needs to be unpacked and explored in self reflection. Doing the work of finding purpose with a life coach is powerful because having a life coach to partner with you can help you with the introspection process and uncover parts of your consciousness that you might not be fully aware of.

Having purpose at in life and at work right now is more important than ever. Times are tough and in a global pandemic we are called upon to work harder and are more isolated than ever before. Having something that matters gives you the motivation, care and energy to keep going. In recent times having a purpose and meaning to your life is at the front of peoples minds and from this emerges the feeling that life does matter and you can make a difference. One of the best ways we work together in life coaching is to begin identifying your core values and then we work on aligning your values with your actions and goals.

The following are journalling prompts that involve planning five steps you can take to work on your purpose:

  1. Clarify your purpose - Contemplate what makes your life meaningful and what is unique about your purpose. Use your values, past experience of learning, life detours, teachers who have influenced you, things you're attracted to and practice deep listening. Don't rush this step.

  2. Communicate your purpose - Articulate your purpose by writing it down in your journal or telling someone what it is and why you have it. Practice getting your purpose out of your head and into the world and celebrate it.

  3. Action purpose - Begin taking well thought out action steps to live into your purpose. Write some goals around your purpose and you may like to try life coaching to achieve those goals

  4. Track your purpose - To stay close to living your purpose measure and evaluate your path by continuously checking in with yourself and how aligned you are to your purpose.


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