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Present Parenting: Four Mindful Coaching & Counselling Tips for Raising Healthy Kids.

When children have caring connections to adults and other children there is a greater likelihood they will grow into adults with self worth, confidence and a strong sense of connection to community.

Some of the conditions that help parents nurture these connections in their children are:

  • Giving them space to understand and express all their feelings (not just positive ones). Despite popular paradigms in western culture to only focus on the positive; negative emotions are natural and part of the human condition.

  • Help them understand their inner world matters and parents can model taking care of your own inner world so children can observe these skills in action.

  • Give them opportunities to express their own opinions and show them you value their ideas without needing to push different ideas on them. Honour their need for agency and self-determination.

  • Mindfully listen to insights they share about their inner world to help you understand and connect with the challenges and joys of growing up in this generation. This will help them feel seen and safe to really connect with their parents and family life while still being able to explore themselves as individuals outside the home.

These are all skills you can develop as an adult to help you raise confident, resilient and emotionally aware children.


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