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Self-discovery Journal Prompts for Holistic Wellbeing and Insight

I love a good journal writing session in the sunshine on a slow day where you feel you have spaciousness to self care and reflect. On Monday I had a break after lunch to sit down and write a reflection on a dream I had the night before. While I was away on retreat the week before I did a lot of journal writing and felt really clear headed and embodied through the process and reflecting on what was coming up for me in my meditations.

Journalling is a writing practice that can enhance your mental health, creativity and self awareness. It can help you let go of things, clarify answers to questions and help you feel empowered and motivated again. In a way journalling is like zooming out from things and taking a wider angle lens, it gives you perspective and space from the darker content you're reflecting on and allow you to explore in a safe and resourced way. Journalling can also be conversational and relational and help you develop a more positive relationship with yourself, others and life as a whole.

If you like journalling, here’s some self discovery journal prompts and questions to explore. I recommend doing a 10-20 min breath meditation first and then set an intention for journalling using one of the following prompts.

• what do I most deeply seek?

• in what ways am I prepared to surrender to the deepest strivings of my soul gifts or powers?

• recall a dream, and write down every detail you can remember, including emotions.

• if you’re in a major life passage, write about the stage of life that is ending. be specific about what is actually dying and evoke some grief and perhaps even relief.

• how do you feel about the current shifts you’re experiencing?

• what is getting ready to be born into your life?

If you take your time every week to track your daily learnings and self reflections you can begin to see patterns emerging, you may even have insights into deeper questions that are coming up for you. For more support on building your self awareness, exploring spirituality and deeper soul purpose you find the one on one discovery program can help you.


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