The Life Coaching Guide To Personal Boundaries

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Personal Boundaries are an essential ingredient for safety, wellbeing and empowerment. They clue us onto behaviours that might be or is harmful and it's a helpful approach in life coaching and counselling to help clients identify and set up healthy personal boundaries at home and in work. In all relationship work we do in coaching and counselling I help client's identify their boundaries and work to untangled them when they become mixed up. Boundaries give one a sense of agency over their feelings, thoughts, actions and physical space and helps protect your self-esteem, your emotional energy and empowerment. They seperate your stuff from the other person's.

Learning to protect your boundaries takes practice and I have found in Life Coaching and Holistic Counselling that identifying when boundaries are challenged is a good start. Sometimes you can't know your boundary until someone has stepped over it. But try to advocate for yourself and practice self-compassion, practice listening and acting upon your boundaries with skill. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it because awareness is the key to change. Healthy boundaries helps improve your relationships and a find a balance between being too rigid or flexible. After all healthy boundaries help you learn to be vulnerable, resourced and grow stronger.

Here's some tips on setting healthy boundaries:

As a Mindfulness-Based Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor a large focus of my private practice and workplace sessions are on helping people improve their intimate relationship, social skills and/or workplace relationships. Personal boundary work is really effective for helping navigate conflict and other relationship issues in a way that identify what is your stuff to work and how to protect yourself from toxic relationships. Self-awareness, social awareness and social responsibility can only arise with carefully identifying and attending to your personal boundaries and understanding and respecting others boundaries too.

If someone is continuously pushing your personal boundaries please protect yourself and remove yourself from them and understand this is a red flag for abuse and harmful activity. Personal boundary setting does not need to be like a wall to keep others from connecting genuinely with you but rather it can help make those connections authentic and sustainable. Don't worry if you get it wrong or stumble; being vulnerable enough to make mistakes means you're on the developmental and growth pathway and it's just a matter of practice makes perfect. If you would like help with your relationships and personal or professional boundary setting please contact me for a discreet call and we can connect and find out if this process is right for you. Email me at

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