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The Wellbeing Coaching Holiday Survival Guide

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The Summer holidays are often filled with family and cultural traditions and festivities we are invited to be a part of. But it’s also a time of increasing expense, obligation, extra work and social pressure. The holiday season can invoke feelings of anxiety or dread, loneliness or even trauma for some people. It can also create a sense of excitement, connection and joy for others. Sometimes it’s complex and we can feel all of the above at the same time!

Now is a good time to check in on ourselves with some useful guidelines.

Wellbeing Coaching Tips

Let it out: The holidays can bring up a lot of emotions and it’s not good to bottle it up or avoid these feelings. The best thing you can do is let out by talking to a loved one, friend, colleague or coach.

Make Healthy Choices: Keep things in moderation, by all means have the Christmas cookies but just watch you don’t blow things out of proportion. Sugar, fats, salt, alcohol etc can greatly impact your motivation, energy and mood.

Make time for Self-care: This time of year we are often busier than ever and you might think you have too much to do but this is when you need selfcare the most. Even 10 minutes of mindful breathing a day can greatly impact your mental health.

Be Active: Fitting in some movement can help relieve the stress and anxiety of the holiday season and help you work off those holiday treats. Try physical exercise whenever you can; walk instead of drive, stand instead of sit and take the stairs.

Spread the Cheer If you have teenagers like me it may take a bit creativity and food love to get them out of bed and excited about decorating the tree this year. Get up a bit earlier and entice the family to gather for pancakes and tree decorating rituals!

Get Enough Sleep: It’s easy to clock up late nights with shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, socialising with friends and doing extra shifts at work. But adequate sleep is vital for our mind body wellbeing and strengthens our immune system function.

Choose Sustainable: Christmas shopping is rife with marketing messages for stuff you really don't need. This year instead of buying more stuff that will become landfill reduce your consumption and buy small gifts that have a light eco footprint.

Make a Budget: We all want to be generous but the holiday season shouldn’t jeopardise our financial health. Be realistic on what you can afford and stick to your budget. Remember thoughtfulness doesn’t have a financial value.

Recharge Your Social Battery This time of year the party scene takes off and you get invited to workplace end of year shin digs, street bbq's, picnics with family and extra social events in-between. If you're an introvert be mindful of your social battery and be sure to include some quiet alone time to. recharge.


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