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Empowerment from Navigating Trauma with Compassion

Trauma-Informed Counseling at the University, has built on my previous training in Trauma-Informed Mindfulness with David Treleaven and Trauma approaches in education. These experiences have not only deepened my personal understanding of trauma but have also equipped me to assist others in their healing journey. When we understand trauma we can understand people beyond behaviour. Today, I want to share insights on trauma as an adaptive mechanism and how understanding it can empower growth and healing.

Trauma as an Adaptive Mechanism

Trauma, like the heightened state of a zebra being chased by a lion, triggers adaptive responses aimed at survival. Understanding trauma in this light enables us to develop a positive relationship with the experience. Many survivors emerge as torchbearers for social change, but justice alone cannot eliminate trauma. Collective growth requires addressing systemic flaws and injustices.

Interpersonal Impact of Trauma

Trauma's effects are profound, often manifesting in behaviours, emotions, cognition, and even physical health. Complex trauma, particularly in interpersonal contexts like familial abuse or community violence, can lead to pervasive shame. Hypo and hyper-arousal can make regulation challenging, isolating individuals and affecting memory. Mindfulness acts as a vital tool, providing grounding and discernment amidst triggers and distress.

Trauma-Informed Support and Healing

Trauma, sometimes overlooked due to co-morbid conditions, can be multi-generational, affecting helping relationships and making therapies complex. First responders in critical incident or crisis, equipped with trauma-informed approaches, play a crucial role. If you or anyone you know struggles with trauma, reach out. I am here to support, or connect you with professionals who can provide the care you need.

In the words of trauma researcher Peter Levine, therapists offer significant relief to survivors by understanding and caring for them. Together, let's continue to empower individuals affected by trauma, fostering healing, understanding, and compassion.

Compassion and Trauma


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