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A career coaching guide to being confident in job interviews or pitching

Confidence can sometimes seem elusive when we need it most. A lack of it can make us doubt our ability which can lead to criticism and missing out on opportunities and not realising our potential. You don't just get confidence suddenly but you develop it slowly after some time and there's a few things I share today to help you. Courage and confidence are closely linked and the only way to develop confidence is through practice, self awareness and a willingness to face your fears.

One thing most of my career coaching clients say in our sessions is they always feel more confident when they have done some form of preparation or planning and know their stuff. For example a client recently went for a job interview in which he was competing with several other candidates and in the session we did before we did a skills audit which helped link his skills to inspiring stories where he accomplished things in his organisation demonstrating these skills. We focussed on punchy, impactful styles of communication to get across that he was confidence with these skills and able to show his value to the company.

Another client I worked with in leadership coaching went for an executive job interview in her organisation. She had to do lots of prep work around her personal brand strategy and her vision for the organisation. She also had to boost her chances of success by speaking to other leaders in the organisation that could sponsor her and this all helped her feel more confident in going for the position. Prior to our work she's not really saw herself as an organisational leader but after doing the planning work on developing an executive CV, getting clear on her vision for the organisation and practicing some interview role plays she was feeling ready to give it her best shot. I recall her telling me how the whole interview and coaching process and the feedback she got was pivotal to her confidence and leadership growth.

If you're about to pitch a new idea or undertake an interview for a new job, take some time to watch this video with lots of helpful tips for building your career confidence. For more on leadership and career coaching and counselling visit our website and enquire today.


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