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Resources to Help You Harness Your Creativity

One of my favourite topics is creativity and therefore I spend a lot of time listening to and reading about the topic of creativity. I believe we're all born creative but not all of us survive childhood with our creativity in tact. Whether you currently identify as a creative type or curious about developing or getting back in touch your creative self, this selection of articles, podcasts and video's can help you unlock and harness your creative side.

The key to unlocking creative thinking - Goop Podcast

Erica Chidi is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Richtel, to discuss where creativity comes from, how to harness it, and why the creative process is often embedded with fear.

Give Yourself permission to be creative - Ted Talk

Reflecting on moments that shaped his life, actor Ethan Hawke examines how courageous expression promotes healing and connection with one another -- and invites you to discover your own unabashed creativity. "There is no path till you walk it," he says.

Creativity and the everyday brain - On Being

Few features of humanity are more fascinating than creativity; and few fields are more dynamic now than neuroscience. Rex Jung is a neuropsychologist who puts the two together. He’s working on a cutting edge of science, exploring the differences and interplay between intelligence and creativity.

Why art thrives at Burning Man - Ted Talk

Craft curator Nora Atkinson takes us on a trip to Nevada's Black Rock Desert to see the beautifully designed and participatory art of Burning Man, revealing how she discovered there what's often missing from museums: curiosity and engagement. "What is art for in our contemporary world if not this?" she asks.

The art of creativity - Ted Talks

Taika Waititi is a visual artist, actor, writer and director hailing from the Raukokore region of New Zealand. His short film Two Cars, One Night was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005. Taika's second and most recent feature, Boy, appeared at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals earlier this year. He discusses how creativity has helped him to express his ideas and led him to where he is today.

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating - Ted Talk

Elizabeth Gilbert was once an "unpublished diner waitress," devastated by rejection letters. And yet, in the wake of the success of 'Eat, Pray, Love,' she found herself identifying strongly with her former self. With beautiful insight, Gilbert reflects on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple -- though hard -- way to carry on, regardless of outcomes.

Allowing the process to unfold - Good Podcast

GP catches up with Alicia Keys to talk about her relationships, motherhood as a multihyphenate artist, where creativity comes from, and how to respect our imperfections and flaws. “I don’t like the word ‘perfect’,” says Keys. “It connects us a little bit more when we’re able to share our mistakes or when you’re able to hear something that’s not exactly perfect.”


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