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Reducing our family footprint and living lighter.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Supporting our children's future and the future of the planet can sometimes feel like an overwhelming problem the whole of humanity faces. More and more we are hearing about the growing condition of climate anxiety and grief that has been further perpetuated by systems that enable leaders who have failed to engage in climate change action. We receive daily messages on our smart phones about what we need to consume and yet we know the planet can't sustain this modern way of productivity and lifestyle.

Despite the denial of some there is a grassroots, groundswell of change underway. We as a family we have continued to encourage our children to take an interest in more sustainable ways of living. With social media led consumption it really can be challenging to help kids foster a love and care for their earth and to pause to consider the true value and cost of the things they buy. It's hard for adults too and there is only so much as individuals we can do. It's important we be good stewards and help young ones connect with nature in anyway we can.

As a family of six I am proud that we have increasingly found ways to help our children feel like they can make a difference at the very least in their own home. We have managed to reduce our waste to a small green bin collection fortnightly and compost and recycle plastics and other items. We use below average water per quarter and try to reduce our consumption where we can. We still have ways to go!

Our family is by no means perfect on this front but each year we try to do better than the last and as parents encourage the kids to follow suit. Here's some of the ways we've managed to reduce our footprint so far:

  • We use Earth Choice cleaning products for our toilet cleaner, kitchen benches spray, floor cleaner, Window spray, dish washing and laundry detergent.

  • We use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones.

  • We use shampoo and conditioner bars that come packaged like soap in a cardboard box, have no wastage and a great on your hair. I love the brand Anihana.

  • We compost our household organic and garden waste. Research ways to produce healthy compost at home.

  • We did a bin audit to discover new ways to reduce our waste.

  • We use cloth shopping bags and don't bag fruit and veg at the supermarket.

  • We don't use the car unless there are more than 3 passengers or it's an emergency.

  • We often buy second hand clothes and furniture and other items when we can.

  • When purchasing new items we like to research the background information to find out the history of the products manufacturing and supply chain.

  • We are saving up for solar panels at home.

  • We grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

  • We use organic soil treatments and garden sprays.

  • In our work we encourage people to live and work more sustainably.

  • We share sustainability posts in our family group chat.

These examples are just some of the ways we are trying to live more sustainably. When my partner and I hear about a new way we can make a difference we share it with each other and then try and implement it and get our kids on board.

By acting in practical ways, we as a family feel a growing sense of purpose and care towards protecting the planet and this can be a great antidote to the helplessness that the existential threat of climate change brings. It's not only the practical actions each one of us takes but most importantly being connected to a community and cause that is bigger than our individual selves.


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