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The Leadership Shadow & Skill of Self-Awareness

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Leaders cast a long shadow in their organisations. What they say and do has a very big impact on the people and culture. Leaders must be able to develop self-awareness and be introspective if they want to understand if the shadow they are casting is the one they intend. The skill of self-awareness is what sets good leaders apart from average ones.

It’s very important for leaders to be surrounded by strong and trusted management teams, partners and advisors who can keep the spotlight firmly pointed at their shadow sides to help them be balanced.

Keeping an open mind helps you stay connected to your shadow and others who might challenge or bring out shadow aspects of your leadership style.

As you move through challenge and confrontation with greater insights into yourself and your shadow you’re more likely to be able to remain engaged with the fast changing, complex and demanding world of organisational leadership. Leadership Coaching can provide a reflective partnership to help leaders build greater self-awareness and close the gap between how their leadership is perceived within the organisation and what they are intending. For more on leadership coaching in Melbourne visit Leadership Coaching.


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