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Values Based Leadership

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Most organisations have a set of values as a framework of expectations to guide performance and attitudes of its people. The leaders within the organisation will also have a set of personal values that when aligned with the organisation values can drive authentic leadership. Values based leadership can influence culture, the future direction and create an environment of cultural wellbeing for employees.

Values based Leadership is empowered through the following coaching principals:

• The leaders and organisation make decisions with values front of mind

• Leaders have a reflective practice that helps them have the time to determine their decisions, assess their actions and identify any blindspots.

• Values based leaders are self-aware and often use mindfulness to build their awareness and insight

• Ensure communication is authentic and relatable to the different stakeholders and employees you lead

• Balance demands of work with the strengths of your team to ensure everyone has the opportunity to perform at their best

• Be inclusive and diverse and collaborate on decisions and get input from lots of different areas in the organisation before arriving at an outcome

• Being humble in your leadership means you believe all people are equal and work to protect and empower your people

The most effective leaders are authentic and driven by their values system. This requires discipline and the continuous long term work of reflecting on their strengths and weakness with the goal to improve themselves in order to serve their team and organisation. For more on authentic leadership visit our website.


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