What can you expect working with a Life Coach?

People seek out life coaching for a number of reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is they are looking to work with a professional who can bring out the best in them. Perhaps it was recommended to them, or they read something about it in a magazine - but most know coaching provides space for reflection, insight and motivation to move you forward.

The Life Coaching partnership is based on a structured framework that is set up early on in the relationship, through a number of questions that clarify the areas of life you want to focus on developing, changing or transforming. Some of the most common themes for coaching clients at Melbourne Coach are relationships (both professional and personal), career change or growth, health and wellness and navigating the leadership pathway in business.

Let's break them down so you can understand how the professional life coaching process works.

Relationships and Life Coaching

So much of our life-fulfilment comes from the quality of our relationships and connection with others. Life coaching conversations explore values and beliefs surrounding relationships as well as your emotional understanding and ability to manage emotions effectively and build trust. Goals for relationship success sometimes involve activities that can create positive bonds in relationships, deal with internal conflicts that are limiting opportunities for connection, and setting up a lifestyle that foster kind, strategic and intimate interpersonal relationships.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Stress impacts everything and nobody these days lives stress-free. Stress is not necessarily unhealthy provided you have a good practice that renews your energy, resources you and allows you to bring balance to your mind, physical body and emotions. Mindfulness provides a pathway of practice and teachings to orient the mind toward the present, attend to the body and mind affectionately and unfold the heart in kindness for ones self and others. When the mind can see clearly it naturally chooses from a space of vitality, and the coaching engagement helps to provide insights about what the body and mind needs to live well and thrive.

Leadership Coaching

Today's leaders live in complex times and as such, engaging a leadership coach is a great option - especially when they need to become effective at delegating day-to-day work in order to build a vision and innovate. Reflective practice can aid in shaping a sound strategy, as well as helping the leader stay open to the full spectrum of possibilities that may present on any given day. The work can help them stay true to their values when challenged by the ethical dilemmas that inevitably arise within large organisations. For emerging leaders, building strategic relationships based on trust can help them have more movement, and aid with conflict resolution. Developing change management, organisational and creative skills can also help boost their existing skill set, and prepare them to expand into broader leadership roles.

More often than not, someone who seeks coaching doesn't fit neatly into one category, but rather comes to coaching with an intention to develop an area of life - and finds everything is slightly changed from their experiences. We don't experience our life and work in silos - we are whole human beings and as we become integrated, effective and authentic, both life and work fulfil us.

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