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Mindfulness in Anderson Park, Hawthorn East

Mindfulness in the Parks is a grass roots project I created after meeting with clients during lockdown in the local park. I have always had a special love of nature and perhaps it stems from having spent my early years on the land in Tasmania. Through my mindfulness practice and studies I developed an interest in eco therapeutic practices and connecting more deeply with nature. My partner also runs a sustainability company and our family is committed to climate change action both personally and professionally.

During lockdown I started seeing a few of my local clients in the parks in Boroondara. Sitting on a rug, under a tree, I would guide a meditation practice and incorporate the different elements of nature that showed up on the day. The various local birds, gentle wind, scent of flowers or warm sunshine graced her sessions and clients found ease and healing through tuning into these natural experiences.

After one of the sessions I begun wondering how to bring these mindfulness practices to more people and parks in the community. The Mindfulness in the Parks project was born in collaboration with Boroondara Council. I spoke with my children one morning on the way to school and they suggested creating a trail through the park. Boroondarra council got in touch after I originally pitched the idea more than a year prior. The timing was right and we started designing the project around an up and coming health event in the community.

The Mindfulness in the parks event ran throughout June-July 2022 in Anderson Park in Hawthorn East. Now days you can listen and take part in the Eco-Mindfulness practices in the privacy of your own backyard via Sound Cloud here. If you are interested in establishing a Mindfulness in the Parks project in your municipality or on site at your location please get in touch with me.


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