The Mindful Pause

We believe life is made up of moments and often we miss so much of these little moments of our day because we are either focussed on whats next or rushing through our activity trying to keep up with whats next. Either way when you’re not fully present the quality of your experience suffers and your stress levels can begin to gradually increase.

Being connected to present moment experience through mindfulness is a simple approach life, it takes less energy, has a low emotional charge and softens the body. In #coaching we do a formal meditation to help you establish a practice of being present and slow down to life as it unfolds but there are also many informal ways to pause throughout the day and cue mindfulness.

Todays blog will share some of the ways you can cue mindfulness in the #workplace and at home, these practices are short little reminders that can connect you to the type of approach you cultivate in your formal practice. They can be done anywhere and anytime and a great antidote if you’re feeling stressed or activated or just in need of a reminder to slowdown and check in with yourself.

1. When you arrive at a door take a few deeper breaths and turn your attention to your body acknowledging you have arrived somewhere new so be there fully in the body.

2. When you experience a stressful situation and feel the body tense up, once you’re safe take a few deep breaths seeing if you can notice where in the body you might be holding onto stress and bring your attention to it.

3. Before you begin your meeting at work ask everyone to close there eyes, think of an intention for the meeting and take a few slower breaths to become fully present before you begin.

4. If you’re working long hours at a desk try taking periodical breaks to stand up and stretch. Breathe into the stretches exploring the sensations of stretching and giving yourself 5-10mins before of breathing and stretching before returning to the desk.

5. During your workday try taking a walk outdoors in the park. Maybe you have a meeting or lunch break and can take a friend but walking is a great way to practice mindfulness and being outdoors in nature can be good for your health too.

6. Put a post it note on your office desk with a word that will remind you to breathe and be present.What word do you associate with mindfulness and wellbeing?

7. During tea time practice drinking your cuppa slowly, feeling into the warmth of the cup, exploring the sensations of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound as you do.

8. Have planning days or be aware of when you block out time for planning and write all your tasks or plans down so you don’t feel compelled to hold all that information in your mind and be thinking about plans for future. Once you have made plans try to let go of how it is going to look and trust it will work out once you get there.

9. Look up. During the day when you feel stressed or anxious look up to the sky and breathe. You’ll immediately feel more space.

10. Feel into your feet bringing your attention to the sensations of the feet on the ground. When the mind is flighty this can help ground you.

You might come up with your own way to be more present at work or home. We’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have you’re own way of being mindful throughout the day please share it.

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